A Desk Research Paper on the background of the persecution of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar

From June 2012 till present, Myanmar has been under international criticism for what could be considered “ethnic cleansing," “Genocide," or “crimes against humanity” of the Rohingya people, a Muslim ethnic minority group that has lived as a people in Myanmar for centuries. The Myanmar government has specifically been criticized for her handling of series of conflicts between Rohingya Muslims who form the majority in the northern Rakhine and ethnic Rakhines, mainly Buddhist, who form the majority in the South. Said actions of the government can be said to be fueled by discriminatory policies. … more

Economic Revolution: GST & Demonetization

The project publication discusses the economic impact of two major measures taken by India: a) Goods and Services Tax and b) Demonetization. It deals with GST and its impact on various relevant sectors as well as demonetization and its economic impact on the economy as whole. India, being the largest democracy in the world with a population of over 1.25 crores must cater to the need of a greatly diverse society. Since independence, multiple measures have been taken by different governments to further the economic growth. The efforts taken in this direction have been subdued by social problems such as rising population and deep-rooted corruption in the society. … more

The Constituents of Global Economy – Optimism with Caution

Globalization has, and continues to, change the way the economies around the world fundamentally operate. It has made the world economy far more complex due to the multitude of interconnections it has fostered. This has led to increased difficulty in coordinating economic policy on a national, regional, and global level. Though globalization has been largely positive, the extent of the inter-dependence it has created among countries has led to new problems with far more complex consequences. … more

A History of Contradictions: US Foreign Policy, Liberalism, Exceptionalism and the State of the World Today

While American foreign policy is defined by a fundamental moral principles and values, the rise of the United States as a global hegemon and economic power as well as security challenges has brought about shifts and exceptions to the rules. This paper examines the factors which have influenced US foreign policy historically as well as America’s role in the current global political and economic sphere. Further, this paper seeks to explain the motivation behind military intervention abroad as well as America’s role in the face of terrorism, nuclear proliferation as well as Russia and China’s growing challenge to the post World War II global order. … more

Demonetization 2016 – A Colossal step in the history of India’s Economy

This project deals with the overnight historic measure of demonetization by the central government of India which initially left the people of the nation flummoxed. While the supporters have lauded the government’s step for the fearlessness in tackling the grave issue of black money in our country, the opponents left no stone unturned in severely criticizing the step owing to the move’s suddenness, it’s legal incompetence and the adverse impacts on the economy. … more