Goeman has a six-fold objectives: (1) to deliver leadership in rendering legal research and advisory on vital issues where corporate governance, corporate affairs, securities, commerce, trade, foreign exchange, privatization, public utility, sovereign matters,  technology, artificial intelligence, cyber spectrum, energy, telecom, oil & gas, intellectual property, real estate, tax accords, conflict resolution, environment and international affairs interconnect; (2) to render expert policy advisory in the public and private sector gamut in relation to economics, global affairs, energy, environment & climate change, governance, health, poverty and inequality, housing, science & technology, banking, insolvency, corporate affairs, trade & commerce, import & export, gender equality, cyber security and more thereby ensuring a viable good governance regime; (3) to unite and activate resources of new generation legal & policy experts; (4) to identify, organise, bond, shape capacity and commitment of new generation legal & policy experts; (5) to provide opportunities for new generation legal & policy experts; and (6) to make leaders out of these legal & policy experts so that new generation leaders lead the globe now.

In order to achieve the above six foremost objectives, Goeman engages in (a) amplification of analyses and research programs in the arena of comparative laws and policies; (b) evolve unique programs for specialized intellectual path; (c) stimulating communication and partnership with governments, international development institutions, public bodies & authorities, educational institutions, NGOs, foundations and individuals showing interest in objectives same or similar to Goeman; (d) organizing and promoting seminars, workshops, conferences and events in the essence of policy and law; (e) collaboration and exchange of knowledge with domestic and international organizations; (f) undertaking projects, research and studies; (g) publishing periodicals, journals, papers, reports and expert studies; and (h) awarding of internships, scholarships and research, grants and other aids to attain the objectives of Goeman Bind HTO.

The constituent experts of Goeman apply their deep expertise in diverse legal, tax and policy issues, projects, programs and assignments that facilitate attainment of accomplished objectives.