The initiative of combining advisory, research and a think-tank stream under one banner was first conceptualized informally in 2008 by like-minded intellectuals, professionals, experts and academicians in the field of law and policy. Since, 2008, the forum has been carrying on this initiative of legal and socio-economic policy knowledge sharing to build a justifiable, coherent, fair and progressive diaspora.

The origin of `Goeman’ is predominantly found in the Dutch terminology. It is derived from the medieval personal name Go(e)dman. The name comprises of the Germanic elements God or Goodman. In Dutch, it is an occupational or professional work related name for a mediator, judge, arbiter or referee in a civil case, conflict or dispute. In other words, `Goeman’ is a trusted confidant or worthy individual. The exact meaning being ‘good man’. `Bind’ means to unite, join and create a bond. Hence, getting trustworthy, capable and competent professionals together.

HTO stands for three key balancing wheels – H for Hope, T for Trust and O for Oneness.

Goeman Bind HTO is a unifying process or manifestation of valued and iconic traits of expert legal professionals. It is a unique fora of research, resource and legal advisory.

However, earlier, in the absence of any formal fixated organizational vehicle, the projects and ventures were being carried out by all the founders individually or through foundations and bodies such as UNDP, UNAIDS, UNESCAP, SAARCLAW, IDLO, Organization for International Co-operation, Indian School of Business, SOIL, Fore School of Management, NALSAR, NLU, Harvard Law School, ADB, MORS, ACES, UIA and more.

Goeman Bind HTO has since been established (est. 6 March 2017) as a private non-profit venture with an exceptional niche in legal and policy focused assignments. All its earnings are being applied for attainment of its objectives and expenses related thereof.