26 Mar, 2017

Buyback of shares – A fashion statement or fiscal reward

In the middle of a brewing crisis of corporate governance at Infosys between the company's co-founders, board and CEO, the company’s former CFO necessitated the idea of share buyback to shield the interest of shareholders.

After Cognizant’s $3.4 billion buyback plan, TCS took a position to consider buyback of equity shares sooner than later. …

24 Mar, 2017

Colonial Legitimization Of Moral Policing In India

The blanket term ‘moral policing’ has remained a buzzword amid the media and the right-minded unobstructed citizen. Be it the prosecution of the ‘Kiss of Love’ campaigners, the act of raiding flats and lodges or slapping couples in public park[4], the highhandedness of the police in regulating public conduct of individuals has for long been under the radar. Section 294 of the Indian Penal Code is the most frequently referred provision. …
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